“If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay home.”  -James Michener

I have dreamed of going to Germany since my parents went over ten years ago and I’m so glad I finally had the opportunity.  My ancestors may be ashamed of my German speaking capabilities, but nevertheless I tried saying “danke” whenever I could!

We stopped in Frankfurt to visit the European Central Bank (ECB for short) on our way to our final destination, which was Heidelberg.  Above is a statue of the Euro symbol and the ECB building is directly behind it.  We had a briefing with a representative from the ECB, which as a little over my head considering I’ve only taken beginner economics.  The coolest part was sitting in the meeting room of the Grand Central of the ECB.  In other words, we sat in the same seats as the people that control the European economy.

We arrived in Heidelberg that night and immediately went out to find some traditional German fare. I had two different types of sausages, sauerkraut (yummmmm), and potatoes.  The food was delicious, but too heavy for me.

My friend Kayla and I spent the rest of the night in the hotel restaurant making use of the free wi-fi.  It’s so sad how dependent we’ve all become on the internet, but it truly made me feel better to be able to connect to my friends and family back home.

In the United States, Mack Trucks is generally the most popular brand for tractor trailers.  In Europe, it’s Mercedes.  Gotta love Europe, right?

We paid a visit to the Mercedes-Benz truck factory in Germany to learn about “lean manufacturing” techniques.  We went into the giant factory to watch the assembly line.

Plus, we had the chance to sit in one ourselves.  Let’s just say I can’t imagine having to climb up there every single day.  It was much higher, and steeper, than I expected.  Upon returning from Mercedes-Benz, we had the day free to explore Heidelberg.

Nestled between rolling hills and a beautiful river, Heidelberg was absolutely beautiful, quiet, and quaint.  I will use pictures (as is always the case with my blog so far?) to prove my point.

The highlight of the afternoon was walking up to the Heidelberg Castle.

Thank god for stick figures and symbols in foreign countries.

Don’t you wish you could look out your castle window and see that every morning?

As for my last German dinner, I had a dish called “maultasche schabische”…

Large ravioli with meat stuffing accompanied by salad and potato salad.

The restaurant’s music-themed decor was even better than the food.

The time to load the bus out of Heidelberg arrived too soon.


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  1. Hola Miss!
    Amy, absolutely loving your blog. Your voice really comes through, & your pics are amazing! Sooo exciting!! Keep it up : )

  2. Wow!!! this blog is awesome. I’m really enjoying your trip, lol… Anna and I look at it all the time. So excited for you honey. How is your tummy? We love you and are so proud of you…..xo

  3. Hola Amy,
    Loving your blog!! It’s so great, & your pics are amazing. Taking them on the iPhone? We love your style, your voice really comes through. We are really enjoying following your travels! Keep it up!!! Ciao Bella!
    p.s. Love this quote : )

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