Paris: The beginning



“J’ai deux amours…Mon pays et Paris.”  “I have two loves…my country and Paris.”
-Madeline Peyroux


Ohhh Paris. I’ve heard about it, read about it, and seen pictures of it, but absolutely nothing could compare to actually being there.  I never realized so many beautiful things could be shoved into such a small space. I took 600 pictures within two days if that brings it into perspective.

Speaking of, for those who are wondering, I am taking these photos with my new Sony NEX-5 camera. It uses a DSLR lens and has a huge image sensor, but doesn’t have mirrors inside, so it is smaller than a traditional DSLR camera and still takes quality pictures. The advertisement in Best Buy for it says, “Travel like a tourist, shoot like a pro.”  Basically, the Sony NEX-5 is perfect for an amateur photographer traveling through Europe.

Anyway, j’adore Paris.

My first night there didn’t really do the city justice. We were starving from a long day of driving, so we dropped off our bags in the hotel and went to a traditional French restaurant for dinner. Some highlights of the meal:
-Talking to a man at the table over in Spanish to translate the French menu into Spanish then into English for everyone else at the table
-The waiter that barked every time he passed by our table
-Having the maitre’d write down what we wanted to eat on the plastic table cloth for our French speaking waitress

-Learning the hard way that there is no such thing as medium rare steak in France; they only do rare, medium, or well. Let’s just say I had to send my meal back when it came out cold on the inside and still mooing
-Figuring out the bill with the waitress who didn’t understand a word of English

We followed up the eventful dinner with some clubbing. To sum it up, we got a French woman to do the macarena with us to European techno music. I also was the only American who knew how to do the perkulator.

The next day we had no group activities, so what else was there to do besides go sightseeing!

The Jewish Quarter

Notre Dame

A real “Feed the Birds” scene like in Mary Poppins.

The French metro system

Sacré Coeur

Street performers and shops

A toilet that disinfects itself

Moulin Rouge

Arc de Triomphe

A bachelor party prank

Champs Elysées

Louis Vuitton

The Abercrombie and Fitch entrance.  There was a line outside and it smelled like the perfume all the way to the street.

After over 6 hours on my feet, I felt accomplished and excited for the following day.

Paris love ❤


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