“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.” -Salvador Dalí

I can finally say I am in Spain!  I loved traveling to various countries in Western Europe and I plan to continue to do so on a few weekends during the upcoming semester, but Spain is my home for the next four months.  I was ecstatic to arrive.

On our way to Barcelona, we stopped in Figueras.  Both cities are in a region of Spain known as Cataluña.  The natives speak a language called Catalán, which is a mix of Spanish and French, in their homes, but they also speak traditional Spanish, or Castellano.  I have taken Spanish in school for the past seven years and although my speaking abilities are very far from perfect, it was nice to finally be able to communicate basic ideas with natives.  Dutch, German, and French are definitely not my forte, although I do want to note my favorite French word I learned on the trip is pamplemousse, or grapefruit in English.

In Figueras, we paid a visit to the Salvador Dalí museum…

which actually permitted photography of the artwork!

The museum wouldn’t be complete without the melting clocks.


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