When in Rome on 11/11/11



“Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.” –Benjamin Disraeli


So I do realize that it has been almost a month since I was in Italy and I also realize this proves just how lazy I’ve been since I got home from Europe.  It’s hard to motivate myself to do things when I have all the time in the world and know I don’t have anything coming up in the future that will be worthy of a travel blog, so instead of rushing to finish my posts all at once, I’m going to spread them out a bit.  I just hope I can remember everything!


If you can remember this far back, the last place I wrote about was Florence.  I spent the last two days of the Italy weekend in one of the most historical places I’ve ever been, Rome!


We took a non-stop train into the city in the morning, checked into the hostel, and headed straight for some ruins.


Our stomachs got the best of us, so we stopped for lunch at a cute little cafeteria. I ordered this delicious idon’tevenknowwhattocallit filled with broccoli and ham.


On our way to the Colloseum, we stumbled across some ruins that we later learned are The Forum.


The white parts of the map were Rome’s territory at the empire’s peak #winning.


We bought our tickets online so we bypassed the swerving queue and went right up to the ticket window.


It was surreal to believe I was actually inside such a famous piece of history!  Here’s some interesting snapshots from the visit:




Archaeologists still dig up more and more pieces of history.


Our tickets qualified us for a walk through the Palatino and the Roman Forum as well.


By the time we finished everything, I was so ready for a nap and my feet were throbbing. Three days of nonstop walking and standing on uneven pavement really doesn’t do the body any good.


We passed by this carrot sculptor before we sat down to rest for a few minutes and decide our next move.


We took Rome’s scary metro to the northern part of the city in search of a park.  By the time we got onto a train (at least two passed by that were full) and unearthed at the other side, it was already getting dark.  We voted to skip the park and wander the side streets in search of an off the beaten path, authentic locale for dinner.


We found Le Segrete, or The Secret. Perfect.


My fettuccine with mushrooms was perfect as well.


My feet finally got the rest they so desperately needed to climb the Spanish Steps.


The view from the top was well worth the walk.


But apparently we broke the rules of the Spanish Steps when we sang as we were walking down…


It is forbidden to shout, squall, and sing.  How does one squall?


When I realized I would be in Rome for 11/11/11, I knew exactly where I would make the most epic wish ever because it happens to be the most epic fountain ever.


The Trevi Fountain!  Trust me, all of those movies do not do this place justice.  It is literally built into a building and the statues are larger than life.


Other people could sense the magical ambiance because we witnessed not one, but two marriage proposals!


We spent over an hour waiting at the fountain to throw our coins in at 11:11:11 on 11/11/11.


A few other people had the same idea, but I’m pretty sure all of them were also Americans.


I elected this fine euro coin to throw in when the clock struck 11.  Sorry, but I can’t tell you what I wished for!



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  1. Amy,

    What a great way to end your semester abroad. I love reading your blog, as have many of our friends and family. You make me very proud and I love being your mom!


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