*United States of America: Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, Alabama, Hawaii, Colorado, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Texas

“Hello world!”

*The Netherlands: Amsterdam

“Amsterdam Day #1”

“Amsterdam Day #2”

*Germany: Heidelberg, Frankfurt


*France: Épernay, Paris, Chamonix, Cannes, Grasse, Toulouse


“Paris: The beginning”

“Paris Day #2”

“The French Coast”

“Eurovision Revisited”

*Switzerland: Geneva

“The Swiss Alps”

*Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Figueras, Segovia, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Toledo, Córdoba, Granada, Sevilla



“Mi casa es su casa”

“Discovering Madrid on foot”

“Amy Goes Abroad Special Edition: El Parque del Buen Retiro”


“El Rastro”

“El Escorial”

“Political Madrid”

“La corrida de toros”

“The Lipmans Take Over Spain”

“Family Fun”

“Apologies and Excitement”

“Toledo…six months later”

“One Year Later: Operation Andalucía”

*Ireland: Dublin, Limerick, Cliffs of Moher, Doolin, Galway

“Luck of the Irish”

*England: London

“London Lovin”

*Morocco: Tangier, Asilah, Rabat, Calaa, Chefchaouen

“Morocco Day 1”

“Morocco Day 2”

“Morocco Day 3”

“Morocco: Last 18 Hours”


*Czech Republic: Prague

“Czech Me Out!”

“Czech Again!”

*Italy: Venice, Florence, Rome

“Italian Getaway, First Stop: Venezia”


“When in Rome on 11/11/11”

“I just burped pesto and it tasted so good”


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